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What is Compounding?

Compounding is the practice which pharmacist or other trained medical professional mix or alter the properties of a drug in order to customize to better fit a patients specific needs.

What can Compounding do for you?

PAIN MANAGEMENT – Pain can take the form of a stress-induced migraines, a pulled muscle group, or be the result of an injury. Compounding allows for a personalized pain relief solution. Alternative dosage forms for individuals who cannot take medication in pill form can get the same medication in liquid form instead. The strength of a medication can also be altered to fit an individual’s size, age, and symptoms. This is just a few examples of how compounding can help.

HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY –Hormones can have a dramatic effect on our daily lives and how an individual feels.  An imbalance of hormones can be caused the natural aging process or through illness.  Compounding can be used to tailor specific treatments to correct hormone imbalances and help men and women feel like themselves again.

VETERINARY – Veterinarians often have need of compounding for the same reason the practice is used to benefit humans. Compounding can be used to manufacture a variety of medications used by veterinarians to treat many different species of animals.